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Our English and Finnish translations reflect your company’s image

A good translation reflects the image of your products and services. Our translators craft well-written documents for your communication needs.
The content and style of your original documents will be retained with correct spelling and grammar in the target language.

We specialize in technical English and Finnish translations

We translate from English to Finnish and from Finnish to American English. We can help you with all your translation needs.
However, our expertise is in difficult technical translations covering
  • Technical and scientific presentations and papers
  • Patent applications
  • Welding and machining instructions
  • Maintenance and operation manuals
  • Pulp and paper, automotive, ship building, and process industries
  • Web sites
In addition, we offer
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Revising

We have a professional and experienced English and Finnish translation team

Our team includes Finnish and English speaking members with excellent qualifications
  • Master of Arts in English language from an American university with over 15 years of teaching and translation experience in North American universities
  • Master of Science degree from a Finnish technical university and a master’s degree from a Canadian university combined with over 20 years of practical engineering and translation experience
  • We use Computer Aided Translation tools, Translation Memory software, fully electronic vocabularies and subject specific glossaries

We take pride in first class customer service

Besides our excellent class translation work, our customers receive the following benefits
  • We provide polite and friendly service.
  • We are reliable and we keep our promises.
  • We have a professional approach, treating all customers with the same high respect.
  • We treat your valuable documents with complete confidentiality.

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